Who’s the Best Batman of All Time?

For me the only one I think of when I read comics and even watching the latest The Dark Knight movie is Kevin Conroy! 😎

Not even Christian Bale has the voice that Kevin Conroy have. So for me, Batman will always be, Kevin Conroy. 😈

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Who’s the best Batman of all time?

These are not easy questions to answer. Quite a few actors have played the part in live-action and animated features over the years. We’ve rounded up some of the best Dark Knights in the video highlights above. Watch the clip, scan our rankings and vote for your favorites in the Bat-poll below.

1. Kevin Conroy: It is our humble opinion that this voiceover legend is the finest Batman on record. His dynamic range has both darkened Batman and lightened up Bruce Wayne, from the groundbreaking Batman: The Animated Series in the ’90s to 2008’s sublime Batman: Gotham Knight and 2009’s Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. He’s certainly put in more time than any other Batman actor. Until someone comes and snatches it from him, Conroy owns Wayne Manor and the Batcave. Everyone else is merely visiting.

2. Christian Bale: The first of the big-screen Dark Knights to physically inhabit Bruce Wayne to the fullest, this intense thespian also helped bring back the Batman film franchise from the neon wastes of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Until someone better comes along — and that is hard to imagine given Bale’s power and influence — Bale owns the theaters the way Conroy owns TV.

5. Adam West: Speaking of hams, this television lifer who brought the campy ’60s Batman TV show to hilarious life rules over the Wayne Manor’s goofy wing. From his rambunctious fight scenes to his letter-perfect delivery of Bruce Wayne, West was a blast. But even given the series’ surreal psychedelia and subtle sexual energy, it remained a comedy. West was its hardy straight man, but going dark? That was best left to the whippersnappers.

More at: Wired.com

I know this is an old article but as a Batman fan I need to voice my opinion on who’s the best Batman. 👿

4 thoughts on “Who’s the Best Batman of All Time?

  1. I noticed your post at Justice League Animated forum but my user account over there is ‘inactive’ and I cannot log in any more. No wonder there are few posts over there…


    • It’s a shame that nothing has been done to fix that forum. I started to hang there when the Justice League cartoon was in its first run on the cartoon network.

      If you want to reactivated your account try going here, you might get some help. 🙂


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