Volkswagen Transparent Factory

The Volkswagen Transparent Factory is in the city of Dresden, Germany. A Volkswagen factory made with glass walls and wood floors! šŸ˜Ž

Volkswagens have been my favorite cars since I was young. I remember been totally in love with the original Volkswagen Beetle and the Transporter Van. Every time I see one these classic vehicles I still go nuts! :mrgreen:

I also had the pleasure to own a Kombi Westfalia Camper once! šŸ˜€

Today I own a Volkswagen Jetta, but I’m thinking about getting a Kombi again some day! ā—


5 thoughts on “Volkswagen Transparent Factory

  1. Cool factory…just two things wrong with it…it's in the wrong part of Germany and I wish they'd employ more people instead of machines…I bet this would be your dream honeymoon…lol šŸ˜€ :hat: :jester:


  2. It is a cool factory, but the one I will like to go is the one at Wolfsburg, because it is the main one.Just by looking at this! I think I want to go there next time I'll go to Germany. :headbang: :heart:


  3. OH LORD help me…wait..I don't believe in that crap…lol…what have I done to myself…a VW geek..hehe..I still like ya though :heart: :flirt: :love:


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