Facebook To Buy Opera Software? WTF!!

From FavBrowser.com

Originally posted by Vygantas from favbrowser.com:

Well, here is something to get you going. According to the latest rumor from TNW, Opera Software is looking for a potential buyer, ranging from Yandex, Google (we don’t see the deal being approved by the EU) and most importantly, Facebook.

If these news are true, that would explain why Opera is dropping Unite, Widgets, Voice, IRC, BitTorrent, etc… Unite wouldn’t go well with Facebook.

Could this be something Jon S. von Tetzchner saw coming?? 😕

I just hope these news aren’t true. 😥 😡

The forums are starting to explode with comments.

What a horrible start to the Memorial Day weekend. 😦

I will keep updating this blog entry as more news arrive.

7 thoughts on “Facebook To Buy Opera Software? WTF!!

  1. Originally posted by opcat:

    @ I just hope these news aren't truemee too … else it's finish :irked:

    This is the year that Opera is getting a really hard look into the abyss. :insane: First Unite and now this. 😦 Plus My-Opera is been under a DDoS attack. :awww: I also hope these news are just untrue rumors. I'm having my fingers crossed over this. :nervous:


  2. Originally posted by opcat:

    why ? Opera Unite is working well … :yes: for the rumor is possible , money is a need for them

    Opera is dropping support for Unite. 😦 Money could be a need for them, but Facebook or Google, are one of the worse companies when it comes to privacy. Facebook will rip away everything that makes Opera great and special.I'm hoping that Mr. Jon S. von Tetzchner will stop Facebook or any unethical company from buying Opera. :knight:


  3. Klaus writes:AOL = Facebook today.AOL killed Netscape.What do you think Facebook will do to Opera once their interest change?


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