Opera Co-Founder Says No to Facebook and Moves to US?

Opera co-founder says NO to Facebook and moves to US? (from Norway newspaper cover)

I just found this on reddit.

This look hopeful! 😀 It looks like Jon von Tetzchner is fighting for Opera. 👿

Here is more from Reuters:

Originally posted by Reuters:

“The board lacks knowledge and that has to have consequences,”

Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner, who holds just above 10 percent of the company, told Reuters on the sidelines of the annual general meeting.

“I think this board shows lack of ambition,” he said.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed over this. 😮 There is too much to loose if Facebook gets Opera. 😐


Originally posted by NBC:

Opera CEO Lars Boilesen responded to the rumors Thursday with a strong no comment but not without saying he hopes to keep the his company and his browser out of anybody’s clutches.


19 thoughts on “Opera Co-Founder Says No to Facebook and Moves to US?

  1. I have been using Opera since version 7.5 went addles.:love: Is opera going to allow Facebook to Purchase it and make it's own browser?:cry: Just because the market share on the desktop side is low doesn't mean it has to give in. What about Maxthon or Avant? Even Midori, Rekonk or Konqueror on the Linux side?:idea: what do you think there market share is. (WAY LESS THAN OPERA):lol: Hell opera Mini is also a great browser. EVen I prefer the DSi Opera browser to the 3ds browser. The column View on the DSi Opera browser better recognizes Mobile versions of sites exist than the the 3ds browser does.:p Opera has the best stability of any browser on windows. SAFARI has multiple tab failure reloading issues and a speed dial that never stays fixed.:yikes: CHROME Doesn't have Multiple Search engines or Print Preview and consumes my processor.:insane: FIREFOX has page rendering slowness before loading selected link, add on bar that feels old school with add ons and themes that don't install or are for older versions, and network settings that time out or reset a lot even auto isn't near as stable as opera.:no: EXPLORER 9 Simply has no addons = FAIL and I hate how the tab bar is on the same line as the address bar.:yuck: Opera is always going to be my favorite browser. Nicer themes, Better laied out extensions site and a slew of options that feel complete.:star: back When i tried opera 7 I ditched IE 5.5. I even got my brother to stop using Netscape 6 :yes: I hope Opera keeps Trucking on. Happy Programming!


  2. Originally posted by squirrleydew:

    Is opera going to allow Facebook to Purchase it and make it's own browser?

    What's the problem?


  3. Lindows writes:Gmail Checker, Weather Forecast, Youtube ADS Free, and many other extensions are nicer and better working than similer extensions in other browsers. Opera was the first with so many features. Every other browser has Tabs because of Opera, Maxthon has mouse gestures because of Opera. Several other browsers have session restore (or by way of add on) that doesn't last or lacks the ability to save sessions. Opera has a MUCH Easier better way to add search engines than Firefox. Other browsers only have Google or Yahoo Search. I like the way turbo mode not only makes Images load faster But also stops auto play and pre-buffering on Youtube. Squirrleydew was right in saying how stable Opera really is over other browsers on windows. I live out in the sticks and had experience with both Wild Blue and Hughesnet. I can vouch for that. Opera is really that much better of a browser.


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