Batman: The Animated Series – 20th Anniversary

Today my favorite version of Batman, Batman: The Animated Series is 20 years. ❗

I remember seen the first Batman: The Animated Series commercials for the Fox channel afternoon cartoon lineup and thinking that this Batman might be just like the previous Super Friends incarnation. But after watching “Heart of Ice“, I was totally blown away by the feel and dark style of this series. Batman was finally closer to the comic books! Plus Kevin Conroy became the ultimated voice of Batman with this series.

I still haven’t seen anything like it! I have always been a fan of Batman of the comic books. The first version of Batman for me was the Batman TV Series with Adam West witch still hold a special place for me for been the first. But this version is the one that started my big obsession with Batman. 😈

8 thoughts on “Batman: The Animated Series – 20th Anniversary

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