Hurricane Sandy

Watching the weather on TV, and hearing how epic the predictions are about this so call doomsday storm. It almost feel that this will be the storm of the century. 😯

Originally posted by Dr. Jeff Masters:

I expect Sandy’s impacts along the mid-Atlantic coast and New England coasts to cost at least $2 billion in insured damage and lost business, and there is a danger the storm could cost much more. Steve Bowen, meteorologist for insurance broker AON Benfield, put it this way for me this morning: “Given the level of losses associated with Irene last year and the current projections of extended high wind, heavy rainfall, coastal surge and an inland flooding threat for many of the same areas with Sandy, it would not come as a complete surprise to see a multi-billion dollar economic loss.” Sandy should bring sustained winds of 50 – 70 mph with gusts over hurricane force to a large section of coast. With most of the trees still in leaf, there will be widespread power outages due to downed trees, and the potential for a billion dollars in wind damage.

Weather Underground

The hurricane is already hitting parts of the east coast. 😮

Tomorrow is going to be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully after the wait everything will turnout to be alright. :wait:

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