Opera Presto 1994-2013

Opera-PrestoOpera had shot themselves in the foot by striping all the features that made them so special. 😦 The separation of M2 from the browser was the last straw for me after the Unite disappointment. 😡

I still will use Opera 12.15 till support ends, but it is going to be hard moving my mail to another program. 😮 I have used M2 for many years and I have become comfortable using it as part of the browser. The only other option I see out there is probably SeaMonkey. 😮


R.I.P. 😦

5 thoughts on “Opera Presto 1994-2013

  1. Originally posted by anonymous:

    KTC writes:Aw man, I depend on M2! Oh well, I'll just be a one client person with Thunderbird then. Geeze…

    At least Thunderbird can import the M2 mail.

    The beauty of Opera is that it was an Internet suite like Netscape, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, etc… :awww:


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