It is time now to abandon ship



It is time now to abandon ship My Opera! 😮

I wouldn’t say I am surprised with the decision of closing down My Opera. But it is the sad conclusion after more than a year of Opera’s bad decisions, starting with Jon S. von Tetzchner leaving, the Unite, M2, and Presto fiasco, etc… 😡

One thing, after many years of using Opera, (since version 3, and starting with 5 as a default browser) I no longer use it. I uninstalled everything Opera and moved to SeaMonkey for good. 😈 In a way I went back to my previous browser Netscape. :mrgreen:

As for this blog, I might move to WordPress or another blog hosting. I don’t know yet. It’s just a silly little Batman blog. 😉

27888261 Opera Desktop Team:
Important announcement about your My Opera account

8 thoughts on “It is time now to abandon ship

    • True, but My Opera was what made Opera’s community great. They are letting the community go when they should have salvaged by selling, or letting some one else handle My Opera. 😦

      Profit over quality is what Opera is doing now. They are really going for the easy hip type of user. 😡


    • They are just imploding that’s all. You could see spam in some of their blogs. 😐

      Many people there still haven’t found where to go, and some think Opera will change their minds about closing My Opera. 🙄


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