The End

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Opera-DeathAfter many years of using Opera and My Opera, seeing it succumb to the corporate pressures was very sad. Opera was the best browser and had a great community. 😦

Now I’m starting the new year with a new browser SeaMonkey, and a new blog host WordPress, and hopefully I can find a new community with them.

Now that I’m done with Opera and My Opera, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop lurking and posting in the forum and other blogs. Plus I’ll add new entries to the old blog linking to my new. 🙂

The cool thing about WordPress is that you can also post using different accounts like your Google, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, anonymous posting is allowed too! 😎

Welcome here! 😉

16 thoughts on “The End

  1. Looks like you had to put a lot of time and work into getting your blog as close as possible to your my opera blog. Keep on going 🙂


    • I use a cheap prepay Virgin Mobile phone. I don’t use it much for online surfing but I know the feeling of not having a cool mobile. 😉

      Good to know it looks good in mobiles! 😎


  2. This is a nice theme! And I completely agree with you about the smileys. :spock: :norris: I’m just obsessive enough that I’m thinking of copying each image and simply pasting them into comment replies somehow.

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