My Opera Presents: Vivaldi

Great news for those that still looking for a place to go after My Opera closes. Jon von Tetzchner is inviting us to join a social media web site by the name of 😎


I immediately made an account to poke around and see how it works, and I thought it looked pretty good!  You can’t customize your blog like you could in My Opera or do in WordPress, but I think it’s good enough to keep the community going. 😀

I’m already hooked and happy with WordPress for blog, but I will use the rest of the features they offer. :mrgreen:

I think it was really nice that Jon didn’t forget about us ex-My Opera and Opera users. 😎

Now, where I can download the Vivaldi browser? ❗ 😉 😆


9 thoughts on “My Opera Presents: Vivaldi

  1. Yes a Vivaldi browser would be great. I’m currently using Pale Moon configured to be like my old Opera 12 set-up. The Vivaldi community is a good move and I’m checking it out to see how it develops.

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