Snow, snow and more snow!

For the past few days I’ve suffered from allergies and sinus pressure. Trying to shovel snow feeling like this had been really fun. 🙄 😉

A Swabian in Exile

We got about 18″ of snow where I live.  My husband could not go to work as there still have not been any plows where we live.  We (or rather my hubby…I just supervised…lol) did manage to shovel free my hubby’s car since he has to be back at work tomorrow.  Now let’s just hope someone’s going to plow the road!

That’s what it looked like around 7am:


It stopped snowing around 1pm or so…that’s when we decided to at least free my hubby’s car.

That's my hubby's car...somewhere underneath the snow ;-) That’s my hubby’s car…somewhere underneath the snow 😉

It supposed to snow more later on.  I just hope not too much more.  So far we’ve been lucky by not having any power outages and I’m hoping that’ll stay that way!

Happy snow day 🙂

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