Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey

Add-on Converter is a fantastic useful tool that enable the conversion of Firefox and Thunderbird extensions to SeaMonkey. 😎

Add-on Converter for SeaMonkeyFinally! :grin: I can make my browser compatible with almost every extension Firefox or Thunderbird have. 😎 Now I have more extensions to play in my extension list! :mrgreen: Plus, pretty much I can make SeaMonkey behave like, or better than Presto-Opera. 😈

I don’t miss Opera anymore. 👿

I wish I had stayed all alone with NetscapeMozilla SuiteSeaMonkey as the main default browser. 😦 But at least it was always installed in all my computers as a second choice to Opera. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey

  1. I loved Opera and used it for a long time but eventually I switched to Chrome. Opera, like Firefox, became slow for some reason and I didn’t have patience to deal with some bugs that appeared – the latest was some issues with antivirus we are using and adobe flash incompatibility (I am talking about Firefox – Opera was uninstalled long time ago).

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    • Opera was a great browser for me also. The main thing I like was the integrated features like Mail, IRC, etc… It was a great geek/power-user browser-suite. 😦

      This is why I went back to SeaMonkey. Because they still are a suite, and have similar features as Opera. 🙂


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