Vivaldi Browser

It’s finally here! ❗ Jon von Tetzchner one of the founders of Opera made the long-awaited Opera killer. 😈 He made a browser that will pick up where Opera-Presto left off. 😎

The browser Vivaldi, shares the same name as the community A place where most ex-My Opera members spend time as their new home. 😉

This browser is pretty slick! Vivaldi it’s build with the WebKit-based Chromium instead of their own original layout-engine. I guess due to the popularity of Google Chrome, they want to maximize on compatibility. Still, it would have been nice for them to have their own engine. :/ Or, why not use Gecko instead? ❓

Vivaldi browser

The integrated mail will be there in future builds. :mrgreen: I hope it has a smooth way to import from M2, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc…

Tabs change color to the colors of the website or favicon you are viewing. There is also Tab-Staking from the old Opera, Notes, and many other Opera-Presto goodies! 😎

Here is a list of links with reviews and information about the Vivaldi browser:

I have been very happy using SeaMonkey as my main browser, and I don’t have plans to switch to Vivaldi any time soon. But now I have a second browser option from SeaMonkey. 😀

If you miss the old Opera, you should definitely try Vivaldi. 🙂

Download Vivaldi:

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