Somewhere in Maryland

Ballenger Creek MD

Picture of Ballenger Creek MD by my wife. 😎

I have been really busy this summer, and it looks like I’ll be busier in the fall. 😦

But I can’t wait for the fall season to start anyway! 😀 Because it’ll bring some needed dry and fresh air, from the hot and humid summer weather we are experiencing now. :/

I hope some of you are having a great summer, or winter, depending of what part of the world are you! 😉


9 thoughts on “Somewhere in Maryland

  1. Summer was great for us, except for fact that it was too dry so we have water restrictions in effect. And a lot of smoke coming from fires in Washington. A little more rain would be welcome 🙂
    Hope you will have some vacation soon!

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    • Glad you had a great summer! 😎 I’ll trade your dry summer for my tropical, uncomfortable, humid and wet summer. 😉 😛

      No vacation this year but, hopefully by November I’ll be able to get more free time from my job. But next year will be the better summer for me, because I’m traveling to Europe for my long overdue vacation! 😀


      • Wow, great to hear that. Do you know where in Europe you will be?
        I am going to Japan in November, to martial arts training and competition. We will have a short trip to Nagano prefecture as well. I can’t wait, haven’t been in Japan since 2008 😀

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        • We are going to visit my wife’s relatives around Stuttgart, Germany. Although I don’t speak German or know much about their culture, It is going to be great to be there and learn a few things! 😎

          Japan it’s great! 😎 I will like to go there some day. Good luck on the competition. 🙂


            • I have been briefly in Stuttgart and I’d like it. 😎 But I’ve never been to Berlin. I really will like to go there, but this trip will be a family visit only. 😐

              I will also like to see the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg some day. There are so many other places I will like to see if I have the money and time! 😉


  2. Autumn is now starting up in England. It’s a bit chillier now but nothing too drastic.

    The thing that I have hated about the last couple of winters is that there was no snow to show for the cold. You get cold, have to put the heating on but there’s no snow to show for it. In a way, I felt a bit cheated by the weather. Am I a bit crazy?

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