Volkswagen Emission Scandal

Volkswagen LogoVolkswagen rocked by emissions scandal as prosecutors come calling.

This is a big black eye to the Volkswagen diesel lineup. 😯 But, I don’t think VW is the only car company doing things like this. πŸ™„

I remember reading an article a couple of years ago about another car company cheating the emissions by swapping engines on their vehicles. o_O

Nevertheless, Volkswagen should have caught the people involved in this scandal and issue a recall, before some third-party organization have discovered. 😑

I currently own a gas engine Volkswagen, and I have never had problems with any of the VW I had own in the past. I never had a diesel car engine, though. But this news will not affect, or stop me from buying another VW in the future. 😈

Update! ❗

It’s Not Just VW: A Robust Market For Reprogramming Vehicles

As pointed out by Klaus, emission cheating it’s been going on for a long time. 😐

12 thoughts on “Volkswagen Emission Scandal

  1. VW are in general good cars. It is the standards that must be achieved in order for us to live in a cleaner environment. And, frankly, I think diesel engines reached the limit of improvements, and standards might be too far to reach.
    Now they’ve discovered that many of Skoda models also have the same cheating software installed. But Skoda is part of VW group so that makes sense πŸ˜›
    I miss days when cars were just cars and not improved computers. Now I can’t but remember an old joke when a small Opel Corsa hit the back of a brand new BMW. At the same time a software in BMW computer warned: “New hardware installed!”

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    • I also miss the old days when you could open the hood of your car and be able to fix it with standard simple tools. 😦 When I had my old Kombi I was able to fix it by just reading a simple book. 😎

      Today I open the hood of my VW and I don’t really understand what I’m seeing. o_O


      • You know, when I look at how many cars are in Vancouver only, I can understand why they make closed box engines – there is a lot of money involved in servicing. Also, I can understand why they charge $60 – $250CAD per hour for labour (depending on a model, I guess it could be more for some expensive cars). You can’t even change the spark plugs yourself anymore. The user involvement in servicing is degraded to changing oil and filling the gas tank, in general.

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