Paris Attacks

The attacks on Paris were shocking all around the world. 😦

Here in the USA some people are starting to blame the Muslim community without a single thought or understanding that these attacks were made by terrorist. 🙄

I never understood why some people are so quick to judge other groups of people or countries base on the actions of some, or their governments. o_O

My thoughts and good wishes goes out to the French people after this horrible tragedy. 😦


7 thoughts on “Paris Attacks

  1. You are right, similar thing is happening over here in Canada, some cases of back lashing against Muslim community already happened. Otherwise, Canada is known as a very tolerant society so this is just weird. In Hamilton, someone burned Hindu temple even though they are not, obviously, Muslim :doh:
    On the other hand, no one really acknowledged bombing in Beirut when 43 people died. Or, I didn’t see anyone on Facebook placing Russian flag over their avatar after that plane was downed in Sinai, Egypt, killing all 224 on board.
    I am not criticizing anyone. I blame media. But terror victims are the same, no matter the nationality or other categories we divided ourselves into.

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  2. Sometimes, people commit evil and blame it on a religion. The Ku Klux Klan have used the Bible to support themselves for instance, but Christians aren’t all out to lynch black people.

    If only people would stop trying to blame a whole section of society for things that go wrong.

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