Vivaldi – Jon von Tetzchner

Jon von Tetzchner

“My plan was to use Opera my whole life” – Jon von Tetzchner

Great interview with Jon von Tetzchner. ❗

I really like how Vivaldi is progressing. I like how fast and smooth it feels. Can’t wait for the Mail integration. 😎

I think you’ll should give it a spin! 😀

6 thoughts on “Vivaldi – Jon von Tetzchner

    • Opera really was a great browser. Too bad they became victims of greed. 😦 But Vivaldi could be the browser Opera was. I’m really waiting for the integration of mail to see if it is an improvement on M2.

      I’m still happy with SeaMonkey, but it’s nice to know I have a second choice in Vivaldi. 😎

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    • I can understand this. Opera was really a special browser, and nothing has replace that feeling yet. SeaMonkey and Vivaldi are the closest thing we have but they are not Opera. 😦

      But, the rest of the other browsers seems to love using the simple Chrome interface layout. Even Firefox is switching to Google Chrome interface and throwing a way their extension format for the Google one. 😡

      One of the thing I’d love of the early browser days was their diversity.


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