Snowzilla Jan 2016

The week of the Blizzard, winter storm Jonas, or Snowzilla, was a crazy week for us, I was cleaning and shoveling three feet of snow all day. 😯

The snow started falling on a Friday afternoon and ended Sunday morning. With temperatures of 9°F all day on Saturday. 😮

Friday - Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C. Weather Map

Storm Jonas on the way Friday Jan 22 2016 – Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C. Weather Map

To make things worse, the parking lot and near by roads weren’t plowed or treated for snow. We couldn’t drive or get out at all for almost a week. o_O

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Trying to dig out the cars was a challenge, and I’m still sore from all that shoveling and cleaning. 😦

The storm made the list of the greatest blizzards in a hundred years. And this was just the first storm of the year, coming from a very warm December. Usually February and March are the months with more snow around this area. :/

The irony now is that we are going to have warmer weather again with some rain. That will probably flood many areas around here. 🙄 Hopefully most of it will melt before the rain comes. 😐


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