Maryland A Future to Believe In


After a questionable lost in New York, today, April 26 the primary elections will be in my state, Maryland! 🙂

The bad news are that Maryland polls show Clinton beating Sanders: 57.0 to 35.3 which is really bad. 😦

Maryland has always been for the Clinton’s. 😥 She also won Maryland in 2008 against Obama. :/

The fraud rumors and voter suppression are starting to surface in some of the coming states. Some already are reporting changes in their voter registrations. 😮

When I went to vote, my voter registration wasn’t changed, and Bernie was in my ballot ❗ I was able to vote without any problems this morning. 😎 I was also lucky to have the day off today, so I was early in line. :mrgreen:

There were other kinds of suppression going on today. Some of Clinton supporters were caught taking down some of the Top Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups. 😡

Going back to Maryland; the only area I see Sanders has a strong chance is in Baltimore. Sanders was the only candidate that visited Freddie Gray murder site. 😐

It seems there were good lines for early voting in Baltimore and hopefully it was the same for the rest of the states. 🙂

As of now, the only state I see Sanders can win with good numbers is Rhode Island. 😎 I just wish the polls were wrong for today and Sanders wins all the states with good numbers. 😐


13 thoughts on “Maryland A Future to Believe In

  1. This is not a first time that I hear about fraud rumors in connection with elections in USA. Last time it was something shady about George W. Bush and his win in elections for first mandate. Don’t know much about it though but remember reading some article…

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    • Thanks for the article. 🙂 I don’t think I can force myself to vote for Clinton. There is so much wrong with her. She will take us in the wrong direction of expanding money in politics and Wall Street. 😡

      Is Sanders step down after the convention, I might vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party. 😐

      I don’t think I can be a Democrat after the pro corporation direction they have been since the 90s. :/


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