No More Duopoly

This is the point the democrat lost the last bit of integrity they had left. The way they behave at their national convention and disrespect Sanders delegates made me so angry. šŸ˜”
After Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and the Green Party are the only one making sense now. šŸ’”

The Democratic National Convention was a carefully crafted show put on for TV views. šŸ˜® The main stream media completely ignored what was going on outside of the convention. šŸ˜”

I just can’t see myself voting for Hillary Clinton after all that had happened. šŸ˜” I’m not ready to vote for someone that will take us into war without a second thought. šŸ‘æ

I know Donald Trump is bad, but I’m not falling for the Clinton fear-mongering of Trump to get people to vote out of fear. Fear-Mongering is what George Bush used to get us into the Iraq war after 9/11, and Barrack Obama with the shady Wall Street bailout deal.

It’s really time for a third party, I wont support the duopoly between democrats and republicans anymore. Not after they stole the primaries from Sanders in favor of Clinton. >:D

This is why my vote will go for Jill Stein this November. I just have to vote with my conscience and not for the lesser of two evils.

4 thoughts on “No More Duopoly

  1. Good decision! When I was back in Serbia, I used to avoid elections if candidates were not up to my standards – they rarely were – or I would make my ballot invalid on purpose. Voting for less of two evils is not an option. There must be a little hope.

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    • I think many people now are starting to see it the same way you did in Serbia. They want to vote for what is right, rather than keep following the corruption in the two party system we have. :/

      I like Jill Stein, she stand for most of what Bernie Sanders stood for.


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