50 Green Ballots


There’s still more work to be done having the Green Party in every state, but since Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, people are starting to have a second look at the Green platform and policies. 😎

I’m glad to say that my state of Maryland will have Green in the ballots! :mrgreen: I just hope enough people become aware that there are more options than the Democrat or Republican. :/

With the Libertarian and Green coming so strong this election year, we might get a change for people to recognize that there are more parties than the top two. It’s time to stop the corruption of our political system from the two-party duopoly. >:D

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka will make history by having a greater voter turnout than the Green had in earlier years. This could be the beginning of welcoming more parties in future years and having true democracy. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “50 Green Ballots

  1. When I was younger and first time showing interest in political system of my old country, Yugoslavia, as well as of some other, mostly western countries, I was amazed with the fact that USA had only two major parties. I mean, how different that is from old socialist Yugoslavia (and entire eastern block, for that matter) where only one party existed? When I asked my mom about elections, she told me that they would have a list of, say, 50 people, all from communist party and they would need to choose 10 of them for the parliament (we didn’t have president back then but a group of 6 who ran the country, after Tito died, and he was a president for whole his life). So, having two parties in political scene is not a really a big difference nor opportunity for choice. And what that makes of elections but a farce, a fake game of political system already rooted so deep that choosing a figure who will run the country is just a difference in percentage of votes. And you can easily understand that now, with those two (Clinton and Trump) that are not different at all (strictly my opinion, don’t want to insult anyone). Now, with Green Party involved it makes a difference but I am afraid that it will take some time for people to understand that three parties are not a bad thing, not at all. Just something to adapt to.

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    • The thing is that the Green Party might not win this election, but thanks to Bernie Sanders more people are becoming aware of the corruption we have been since really the Ronald Regan years. πŸ˜₯

      Richard Nixon started to control and deregulate everything. He also started the idea of privatizing our government to be influenced from the highest bidder, but Reagan made it reality and Bill Clinton improve it. 😑

      Long video but worth watching! 😎


      • The only way to fight back is to make the Green Party a viable party by at least taking 5% to 10% of the vote in 2016. If we can do that the party will become a stronger alternative by 2020 because the impression the they made in 2016 will cause more awareness and donations to fight back the even worst corruption we are going to be by 2020. The party needs to be taken seriously in this election. 😐


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