Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenou People Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Gains Momentum As A Replacement For Columbus Day

As someone with Native American blood, I think having the Indigenous Peoples Day is the only way we can make people aware of the atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus.

The idea of celebrating Columbus day after all he did to the Tainos indigenous people of the Caribbean is repugnant. 😡

Movement To Rename ‘Columbus Day’ To ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ Gains Momentum

4 thoughts on “Indigenous Peoples Day

  1. In BC we have, for instance, traffic wayfinding signs that sometimes show names of cities or rivers in both English and First Nations’ languages (in Vancouver it is mostly Squamish people). I found it a nice way to recognize people and culture that existed in North America before Europeans came. One person is even trying to organize referendum about changing the province’s name but at this point I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. However, it would be interesting to live in province with a native name instead of name that reflects its colonial past.

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    • Do you know that some people in the US don’t even realize that we have Native American names in some of our states, cities, rivers, etc… 😯

      Some don’t even recognize that states and cities like, Florida, Colorado, Los Angeles, etc, are Spanish names. 😮


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