Volkswagen Transparent Factory

The Volkswagen Transparent Factory is in the city of Dresden, Germany. A Volkswagen factory made with glass walls and wood floors! 😎

Volkswagens have been my favorite cars since I was young. I remember been totally in love with the original Volkswagen Beetle and the Transporter Van. Every time I see one these classic vehicles I still go nuts! :mrgreen:

I also had the pleasure to own a Kombi Westfalia Camper once! 😀

Today I own a Volkswagen Jetta, but I’m thinking about getting a Kombi again some day! ❗

Off to Germany


I just want to say that I’m going to be in Germany for awhile! ❗

I had never travel to Europe before, or had a very long trip like this one in my life, so this is going to be a great adventure for me.

It is going to be a little scary because I don’t know anything about speaking German or their culture. But I think it will be alright! 😀

I heard that the weather will be cold. Cool! just the way I like it! 😎

That’s all folks! 😛 😉