LXLE and SeaMonkey

seamonkey-banner LXLE to switch to SeaMonkey as a default browser in their distros! 😎

The decision to switch to SeaMonkey as the default web browser for LXLE is something not taken lightly.

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop an all-in-one internet application suite. Such a software suite was previously made popular by Netscape and Mozilla, and the SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this concept. Containing a web browser, email & newsgroup client with a feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and an Address Book. SeaMonkey also has longevity under its belt plus a very close overall relationship with Mozilla. It uses much of the same source code which powers Firefox and Thunderbird while legal backing is provided by the Mozilla Foundation.

The LXLE Desktop

It’s nice to see another Linux distro choosing SeaMonkey as their default browser! 😎 Specially, in this crazy era of stripped-down and bland browsers. 🙄

I think Linux can benefit greatly from suites because Linux doesn’t have a universal way to install or uninstall software across all the their distros. There is always a challenge when I want to find a specific app and install or compile it in my Puppy Linux machine. It just not as smooth as Mac OS or Windows. :/

Other cool power-users suites or browsers with rich features that I’m playing with are:

Just to name a few. 😉

Another Shocking Resignation

First, was Steve Jobs resignation as CEO of Apple. Now, Slashdot founder Rob Malda (Cmdr Taco) resigns. :yikes:

Slashdot.orgNews for nerds. Stuff that matterslaunched in 1997. The site is one of my daily stop for tech news. I have been reading the site since the beginning. My early attraction to the site was their Linux articles. I wasn’t really using Linux in those days but the site help me take the plunge to Linux eventually.

I remember when I created my first account back in 2005, but even before that I was a regular reader.

Thanks Rob for all those years of informative news. I learned a lot from your site over the years and have been very grateful for what you put together. 🙂


Puppy Linux 5.1 [Lucid Puppy]

Lately, I have been playing with the new Puppy Linux 5.1 “Lucid”. I booted the live CD on a computer that I’m fixing, and I was really surprised with the new interface and speed.

One of the things I like with this version is the easy way I can install Opera! 😎 In previous version it was pain to install it, so I did mostly stuck with SeaMonkey for a quick live CD ride!

Currently I’m using Puppy Linux 4.21, but I’m seriously thinking about upgrading one of my computers with this version! 😎

Here’s a quick review from Barry Kauler’s Blog and places where it can be downloaded:

The brilliant new Puppy Linux 5.1, code-name “Lucid” as it is binary-compatible with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx packages, has been released. Lucid Puppy 5.1 is a “full-featured compact distro.” It’s a Puppy, so it is fast, friendly, and fun, and it can also serve as one’s main Linux desktop. Quickpet and Puppy Package Manager allow easy installation of many of the best Linux programs, tested and configured for Lucid Puppy. It is just as easy to choose your favorite browser and your language. And it all looks as good as it is, because the core Lucid team now includes an Art Director. Lucid Puppy boots directly to an automatically configured graphical desktop, with the tools to personalize the desktop right at hand, and it even recommends which add-on video driver to use for high-performance graphics. The main emphasis relative to Puppy 5.0 has been to improve the user interface, both to make it even more friendly and to enhance the visual appearance. Also many packages and tools (especially for video and printing) have been upgraded/improved, including synchronizing with a recent release of the Woof Puppy-builder.

Release notes:

Live-CD ISO file (129.5MB):
md5sum: 88f7154ffcc46062394866e531310eba

“devx” file (126.3MB):
md5sum: 66f20ca918b0091f9774caef9fbcff00

Ibiblio.org can be slow, go here for faster mirrors:

Forum thread with 5.1-alpha/beta and 5.1-final discussion:

Forum thread for 5.1 feedback/bug reports and fixes:

Alternate build of Puppy 5.1 optimised for non-English users (with download link):

Announcements about the Woof Puppy-builder (5.1 is based on the July 10 release of Woof):

Announcements about upgrades and other news for Puppy 5.1 are posted here: