50 Green Ballots



There’s still more work to be done having the Green Party in every state, but since Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, people are starting to have a second look at the Green platform and policies. 😎

I’m glad to say that my state of Maryland will have Green in the ballots! :mrgreen: I just hope enough people become aware that there are more options than the Democrat or Republican. :/

With the Libertarian and Green coming so strong this election year, we might get a change for people to recognize that there are more parties than the top two. It’s time to stop the corruption of our political system from the two-party duopoly. >:D

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka will make history by having a greater voter turnout than the Green had in earlier years. This could be the beginning of welcoming more parties in future years and having true democracy. 🙂

Maryland A Future to Believe In


After a questionable lost in New York, today, April 26 the primary elections will be in my state, Maryland! 🙂

The bad news are that Maryland polls show Clinton beating Sanders: 57.0 to 35.3 which is really bad. 😦

Maryland has always been for the Clinton’s. 😥 She also won Maryland in 2008 against Obama. :/

The fraud rumors and voter suppression are starting to surface in some of the coming states. Some already are reporting changes in their voter registrations. 😮

When I went to vote, my voter registration wasn’t changed, and Bernie was in my ballot ❗ I was able to vote without any problems this morning. 😎 I was also lucky to have the day off today, so I was early in line. :mrgreen:

There were other kinds of suppression going on today. Some of Clinton supporters were caught taking down some of the Top Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups. 😡

Going back to Maryland; the only area I see Sanders has a strong chance is in Baltimore. Sanders was the only candidate that visited Freddie Gray murder site. 😐

It seems there were good lines for early voting in Baltimore and hopefully it was the same for the rest of the states. 🙂

As of now, the only state I see Sanders can win with good numbers is Rhode Island. 😎 I just wish the polls were wrong for today and Sanders wins all the states with good numbers. 😐

Snowzilla Jan 2016

The week of the Blizzard, winter storm Jonas, or Snowzilla, was a crazy week for us, I was cleaning and shoveling three feet of snow all day. 😯

The snow started falling on a Friday afternoon and ended Sunday morning. With temperatures of 9°F all day on Saturday. 😮

Friday - Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C. Weather Map

Storm Jonas on the way Friday Jan 22 2016 – Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C. Weather Map

To make things worse, the parking lot and near by roads weren’t plowed or treated for snow. We couldn’t drive or get out at all for almost a week. o_O

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trying to dig out the cars was a challenge, and I’m still sore from all that shoveling and cleaning. 😦

The storm made the list of the greatest blizzards in a hundred years. And this was just the first storm of the year, coming from a very warm December. Usually February and March are the months with more snow around this area. :/

The irony now is that we are going to have warmer weather again with some rain. That will probably flood many areas around here. 🙄 Hopefully most of it will melt before the rain comes. 😐

Somewhere in Maryland


Ballenger Creek MD

Picture of Ballenger Creek MD by my wife. 😎

I have been really busy this summer, and it looks like I’ll be busier in the fall. 😦

But I can’t wait for the fall season to start anyway! 😀 Because it’ll bring some needed dry and fresh air, from the hot and humid summer weather we are experiencing now. :/

I hope some of you are having a great summer, or winter, depending of what part of the world are you! 😉

Bumper to Bumper

It seems like every time we get cold weather with a couple of inches of snow here in the Washington DC area, everyone panic and forget the laws of physics. 🙄

I-270 Frederick MD

Southbound I-270 Frederick, MD 8:30AM o_O

Trying to make it to work on Tuesday morning was a horrible nightmare. 😡 The interstate was just like a parking lot with lots of cars standing still. Some of us turn our engines off for some time waiting for traffic to move. :/

In all, I did spend close to five hours in the interstate for only two miles, from a twenty two miles trip. o_O So I decided to turn back home as soon as I got a chance and call work to tell them I wasn’t coming. 😦

All these dramatic events happened over just one to two inches of snow. 🙄 Can you imaging what will happens if we had twelve to thirteen inches? 😮

I can see those living in the northern states or Canada laughing about how we handle snow in this area. 😳

Snow, snow and more snow!

For the past few days I’ve suffered from allergies and sinus pressure. Trying to shovel snow feeling like this had been really fun. 🙄 😉

A Swabian in Exile

We got about 18″ of snow where I live.  My husband could not go to work as there still have not been any plows where we live.  We (or rather my hubby…I just supervised…lol) did manage to shovel free my hubby’s car since he has to be back at work tomorrow.  Now let’s just hope someone’s going to plow the road!

That’s what it looked like around 7am:


It stopped snowing around 1pm or so…that’s when we decided to at least free my hubby’s car.

That's my hubby's car...somewhere underneath the snow ;-) That’s my hubby’s car…somewhere underneath the snow 😉

It supposed to snow more later on.  I just hope not too much more.  So far we’ve been lucky by not having any power outages and I’m hoping that’ll stay that way!

Happy snow day 🙂

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Maryland Cools and Crazies

Random Maryland stuff from the Internet.

Maryland ranked the richest state in the US.

Originally posted by Daily Mail Reporter:

Maryland is the richest state in the union, with a median household income of $70,004, a cool $20k about the national average.
Daily Mail

Maryland is the 2nd Smartest State

Originally posted by CNN – Catherine Clifford:

“Per capita, we are the number one in the U.S. in terms of sponsored federal research,” says Christian Johansson, the secretary of Maryland’s Department of Business and Economic Development.

CNN – Article

Maryland to secede from the United States

Crazy article I found on Reddit. 😮

Some people just go way too overboard with these things. 😆 😯

Hurricane Sandy

Watching the weather on TV, and hearing how epic the predictions are about this so call doomsday storm. It almost feel that this will be the storm of the century. 😯

Originally posted by Dr. Jeff Masters:

I expect Sandy’s impacts along the mid-Atlantic coast and New England coasts to cost at least $2 billion in insured damage and lost business, and there is a danger the storm could cost much more. Steve Bowen, meteorologist for insurance broker AON Benfield, put it this way for me this morning: “Given the level of losses associated with Irene last year and the current projections of extended high wind, heavy rainfall, coastal surge and an inland flooding threat for many of the same areas with Sandy, it would not come as a complete surprise to see a multi-billion dollar economic loss.” Sandy should bring sustained winds of 50 – 70 mph with gusts over hurricane force to a large section of coast. With most of the trees still in leaf, there will be widespread power outages due to downed trees, and the potential for a billion dollars in wind damage.

Weather Underground

The hurricane is already hitting parts of the east coast. 😮

Tomorrow is going to be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully after the wait everything will turnout to be alright. :wait: