Microsoft Quietly Shuts Down MSN TV-WebTV

I remember the days of WebTV fondly. 😀 I used to have a Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus and I use it as a real computer for many years. In a way it was my first Laptop because I used to take it around to friends houses, hotels, etc… 😎

After the Micro$oft acquisition of WebTV the name was changed to MSN TV, and Micro$oft did what they always do. 🙄 Squeeze all the goods till there’s nothing left of the original company. Then close down what’s remaining and isn’t profitable. 😡

Although, I am surprise that it lasted this long. 😯

For me WebTV will always be my LBB (little black box). 🙂

The look of the WebTV interface in the mid 1990s


Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus

Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus Keyboard



Mac and PC Together!

With all the fights between Apple and Microsoft, have you ever wondered what kind of computer you might get if they were mix together?


If Mac and PC were to encounter each other alone, this is what might happen! 😉