Vivaldi Browser

It’s finally here! ❗ Jon von Tetzchner one of the founders of Opera made the long-awaited Opera killer. 😈 He made a browser that will pick up where Opera-Presto left off. 😎

The browser Vivaldi, shares the same name as the community A place where most ex-My Opera members spend time as their new home. 😉

This browser is pretty slick! Vivaldi it’s build with the WebKit-based Chromium instead of their own original layout-engine. I guess due to the popularity of Google Chrome, they want to maximize on compatibility. Still, it would have been nice for them to have their own engine. :/ Or, why not use Gecko instead? ❓

Vivaldi browser

The integrated mail will be there in future builds. :mrgreen: I hope it has a smooth way to import from M2, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc…

Tabs change color to the colors of the website or favicon you are viewing. There is also Tab-Staking from the old Opera, Notes, and many other Opera-Presto goodies! 😎

Here is a list of links with reviews and information about the Vivaldi browser:

I have been very happy using SeaMonkey as my main browser, and I don’t have plans to switch to Vivaldi any time soon. But now I have a second browser option from SeaMonkey. 😀

If you miss the old Opera, you should definitely try Vivaldi. 🙂

Download Vivaldi:

The End

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Opera-DeathAfter many years of using Opera and My Opera, seeing it succumb to the corporate pressures was very sad. Opera was the best browser and had a great community. 😦

Now I’m starting the new year with a new browser SeaMonkey, and a new blog host WordPress, and hopefully I can find a new community with them.

Now that I’m done with Opera and My Opera, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop lurking and posting in the forum and other blogs. Plus I’ll add new entries to the old blog linking to my new. 🙂

The cool thing about WordPress is that you can also post using different accounts like your Google, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, anonymous posting is allowed too! 😎

Welcome here! 😉

It is time now to abandon ship



It is time now to abandon ship My Opera! 😮

I wouldn’t say I am surprised with the decision of closing down My Opera. But it is the sad conclusion after more than a year of Opera’s bad decisions, starting with Jon S. von Tetzchner leaving, the Unite, M2, and Presto fiasco, etc… 😡

One thing, after many years of using Opera, (since version 3, and starting with 5 as a default browser) I no longer use it. I uninstalled everything Opera and moved to SeaMonkey for good. 😈 In a way I went back to my previous browser Netscape. :mrgreen:

As for this blog, I might move to WordPress or another blog hosting. I don’t know yet. It’s just a silly little Batman blog. 😉

27888261 Opera Desktop Team:
Important announcement about your My Opera account

Opera Presto 1994-2013

Opera-PrestoOpera had shot themselves in the foot by striping all the features that made them so special. 😦 The separation of M2 from the browser was the last straw for me after the Unite disappointment. 😡

I still will use Opera 12.15 till support ends, but it is going to be hard moving my mail to another program. 😮 I have used M2 for many years and I have become comfortable using it as part of the browser. The only other option I see out there is probably SeaMonkey. 😮


R.I.P. 😦

Opera Co-Founder Says No to Facebook and Moves to US?

Opera co-founder says NO to Facebook and moves to US? (from Norway newspaper cover)

I just found this on reddit.

This look hopeful! 😀 It looks like Jon von Tetzchner is fighting for Opera. 👿

Here is more from Reuters:

Originally posted by Reuters:

“The board lacks knowledge and that has to have consequences,”

Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner, who holds just above 10 percent of the company, told Reuters on the sidelines of the annual general meeting.

“I think this board shows lack of ambition,” he said.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed over this. 😮 There is too much to loose if Facebook gets Opera. 😐


Originally posted by NBC:

Opera CEO Lars Boilesen responded to the rumors Thursday with a strong no comment but not without saying he hopes to keep the his company and his browser out of anybody’s clutches.

Facebook To Buy Opera Software? WTF!!


Originally posted by Vygantas from

Well, here is something to get you going. According to the latest rumor from TNW, Opera Software is looking for a potential buyer, ranging from Yandex, Google (we don’t see the deal being approved by the EU) and most importantly, Facebook.

If these news are true, that would explain why Opera is dropping Unite, Widgets, Voice, IRC, BitTorrent, etc… Unite wouldn’t go well with Facebook.

Could this be something Jon S. von Tetzchner saw coming?? 😕

I just hope these news aren’t true. 😥 😡

The forums are starting to explode with comments.

What a horrible start to the Memorial Day weekend. 😦

I will keep updating this blog entry as more news arrive.

Opera Unite Ending Support :(

These are very disappointing news. 😦 Opera is ending support for Unite to focus more on extensions.

If you believe that Unite should continue to be supported. ➡ Please Sign This Petition.

Opera also will kill IRC, BitTorrent, Voice and Widgets. 😮 😯 😡

Many people still don’t know these changes are coming. 😦

Originally posted by Nasty:

I cannot believe it! How can you drop Opera Unite..!?? If I can not agree – I forcefully do not agree for this move!

  • What about sharing files directly from my computer – without need to upload them to any server/dropbox and such – which is very troublesome especially for big files. Being independent from such services.
  • What about sharing pictures with friends directly from my computer – hassle free, just point to a folder with pictures and they are shared. No need to upload them to MyOpera Albums, flickr or anywhere…
  • What about streaming my whole music collection directly from my computer – no need to copy/upload and take it anywhere. Ability to play it from any place…

When Opera Unite was introduced, I called it a platform for running private web applications – no need to log in to any server/site, I have my own server/site, which immediately has access to all my data on my hard drive. It is something of great value. How are you going to provide it with extentions..??

It was also designed in beatifully simple way – easy to use, started right from panels. Click, point a folder and done! No waiting for uploading files anywhere. Awesome! Will you move the Unite applications to extentions so they work this way?

Even if you will somehow move these functionalities into extentions, there are tons of extentions now – how can I find this good old, reliable Unite Applications? Please make a separate category or distinguish/mark them somehow.

Finally, I would like to remind you a post announcing Opera Unite. It points out the advantages:

Looking for freedom? Do you want to share things with who you want, when you want? Do you want to stay in touch with your friends, chat and collaborate, without your data being at the mercy of middlemen? Now, with your own web server, you’ll be ready to do all this directly from your computer.

The two way internet is here, and with Opera, you’re at both ends whenever you run it.

What has changed since then? I cannot see these ideas devaluated. They are invariably attractive and lively today.

And what about the vision of Opera Unite described on the page below – the vision of Taking the Web into our own hands, one computer at a time? Do you leave us alone on cold, with the described problems and no solution..? 😕

Please Sign This Petition.

Jon S. von Tetzchner is leaving Opera


Choose Opera:
Jon S. von Tetzchner is leaving Opera

I just hope that they continue to value their users and not fall in the shady ways other browsers do business. 😐 I feel that Opera is in a crossroads with these news. 😐

Mr. von Tetzchner was one of the people that kept Opera honest. 😐 😦

Here’re my sentiment put in better words from a user in the article:

Originally posted by bvermo:

I think this is about Jón’s fundamental values. Those are the values that made the company survive through the dotcom crisis and the many years before that. He has always placed his principles and long-term goals ahead of quarterly results.

This is one of the problems for a successful and innovative company that has gone public – it will attract investors who are only in it for the money, and who want short-term results. For instance, it is no secret that Jón had a clash with Morgan Stanley at the shareholders meeting a few years ago. That time he got his way, but in the long term a publicly traded company will have to reflect the goals of its major shareholders.

My guess is that he has saved himself a lot of frustrations, and that the shares will increase in value – but I fear for some of the internal dynamics and values that have made the company and the product what it is. Users will probably not notice any negative impact, at least not in the short run.

Lets really hope that the negative impact don’t come at all. 😐