Volkswagen Emission Scandal

Volkswagen LogoVolkswagen rocked by emissions scandal as prosecutors come calling.

This is a big black eye to the Volkswagen diesel lineup. 😯 But, I don’t think VW is the only car company doing things like this. 🙄

I remember reading an article a couple of years ago about another car company cheating the emissions by swapping engines on their vehicles. o_O

Nevertheless, Volkswagen should have caught the people involved in this scandal and issue a recall, before some third-party organization have discovered. 😡

I currently own a gas engine Volkswagen, and I have never had problems with any of the VW I had own in the past. I never had a diesel car engine, though. But this news will not affect, or stop me from buying another VW in the future. 😈


It’s Not Just VW: A Robust Market For Reprogramming Vehicles

As pointed out by Klaus, emission cheating it’s been going on for a long time. 😐

Volkswagen Transparent Factory

The Volkswagen Transparent Factory is in the city of Dresden, Germany. A Volkswagen factory made with glass walls and wood floors! 😎

Volkswagens have been my favorite cars since I was young. I remember been totally in love with the original Volkswagen Beetle and the Transporter Van. Every time I see one these classic vehicles I still go nuts! :mrgreen:

I also had the pleasure to own a Kombi Westfalia Camper once! 😀

Today I own a Volkswagen Jetta, but I’m thinking about getting a Kombi again some day! ❗