Microsoft Quietly Shuts Down MSN TV-WebTV

I remember the days of WebTV fondly. 😀 I used to have a Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus and I use it as a real computer for many years. In a way it was my first Laptop because I used to take it around to friends houses, hotels, etc… 😎

After the Micro$oft acquisition of WebTV the name was changed to MSN TV, and Micro$oft did what they always do. 🙄 Squeeze all the goods till there’s nothing left of the original company. Then close down what’s remaining and isn’t profitable. 😡

Although, I am surprise that it lasted this long. 😯

For me WebTV will always be my LBB (little black box). 🙂

The look of the WebTV interface in the mid 1990s


Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus

Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus Keyboard