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Last weekend I was bombarded by comment spam on this blog. 😮 It seems that the Akismet spam filter got caught off guard with a new style of flood spam spreading for the past few weeks. 😯

The WordPress forum has people talking about the latest comment spam going around.

Luckily I was able to block those IP addresses and it’s been working so far, with 466 spam already been blocked and reported. 😎

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope no one else is going through this. 😦

No More Duopoly

This is the point the democrat lost the last bit of integrity they had left. The way they behave at their national convention and disrespect Sanders delegates made me so angry. 😡
After Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and the Green Party are the only one making sense now. 💡

The Democratic National Convention was a carefully crafted show put on for TV views. 😮 The main stream media completely ignored what was going on outside of the convention. 😡

I just can’t see myself voting for Hillary Clinton after all that had happened. 😡 I’m not ready to vote for someone that will take us into war without a second thought. 👿

I know Donald Trump is bad, but I’m not falling for the Clinton fear-mongering of Trump to get people to vote out of fear. Fear-Mongering is what George Bush used to get us into the Iraq war after 9/11, and Barrack Obama with the shady Wall Street bailout deal.

It’s really time for a third party, I wont support the duopoly between democrats and republicans anymore. Not after they stole the primaries from Sanders in favor of Clinton. >:D

This is why my vote will go for Jill Stein this November. I just have to vote with my conscience and not for the lesser of two evils.

Catwoman Batman Baby Cat-Girl


I like this is silly lighthearted stuff! 😛

A very interesting Imaginext YouTube video! 😆

Imaginext Toys presents: Catwoman wakes Batman to tell him she is going into labor. They make it to the hospital just in time for the baby to be born. As Batbaby is meeting his new sister Robin rushes in to tell the doctor that Barbie is ready to give birth…to be continued.

Batman & Catwoman

Batman & Catwoman w/ Helena Wayne-Kyle

I know that in the Earth-Two comic version, Bruce and Selina do have a child named Helena Wayne who becomes the Huntress.

Today, the Huntress have gone through different incarnations since the Helena Wayne version. :/

But going back, Batman having a baby with a Catwoman that looks like Barbie! 😕 Although, she sort of looks like Julie Newmar Catwoman. 😉

And what’s up with naming her baby Cat-Baby, and her brother Bat-Baby❗ 😛

And Robin relationship with Barbie and having twins ❓ 😆

What’s next Batgirl dating Ken ❓ 😆

I think people have taken the Batman franchise too far! 😉

Gotham City for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan

I’m just blown away by how the media and establishment have gone out of their ways to censor and smear Bernie Sanders. 😯

It is obvious they are not hiding their preference for Clinton since some of them like Time Warner/CNN, had contribute to the Clinton campaign. o_O

After losing seven states out eight by large margins, the Clinton campaign are planing to go really negative. :/

CNN reporting Hillary Clinton changing strategy – Instead of trying to unify party – will dismantle Bernie

by crimelab_inc

Jordan from TYT is reporting CNN’s reporting:

This lead Weaver to say:

I am really wondering how they will manage to go MORE negative, but on the bright side, it’s the side of Hillary that a lot of people detest, so it is nice of her to remind the country just how nasty she can be.

Edit: More reporting

Source: Reddit

The first bomb was sent from the New York Daily News, where they distorted and misguided Sanders to sound like he is confused or doesn’t know what he is talking about. 😡

The New York Daily News asked some of the same questions to Franklin D. Roosevelt back in the 1930s! 😯

It’s just starting to get out of control, and it is obvious that the New York Daily News like many others are contributing to the Clinton campaign. 👿

It looks like this might be the year that the silent majority have had enough from the corporations big money, and power-hungry abuse that it is destroying this country. 😎

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Sanders loses the election because the progressive movement have awaken, and the next election might bring the revolution and change to end the money in politics and bring down the corruption on this country. 😈

It is really hard not get sucked into this year political season. 😐 It is going to get ugly in both conventions with Cruz, Trump, Clinton and Sanders. 😮

Toxic Politics

I know it’s silly to say that the entire USA political system is corrupt, because we could say the same thing about politics everywhere in the world. :/ But this US election cycle might be one for the history books. 😮

I just can not believe that we are close to make Donald Trump the nominee for the general elections to be the next president of the USA. o_O

People like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, have been dividing this country and spreading hatred and racism throughout their campaigns. 👿 As a result some people have been polarize and divided, with some having crimes and assaults committed against the poor, minorities and immigrants. 😡

We also have the establishment candidates like Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton. These candidates just want to maintain the status quo. They’ll say anything to get elected but in the end they wont make any changes, only to continue the money flow to the 1% and buy future politics. 🙄

Sanders for President 2016

Then there is Bernie Sanders; he actually makes people like me stop and take a good look at politics. ❗

His plans of change government, regulate Wall-Street, break the big banks, end of citizen united, health care for all as a right, are not really big news on other parts of the world. But here in the US sounds like radical and extreme plans. 😯

He is not only fighting against the Republicans, he is fighting the DNC Democrats and the Establishment. Also the main stream media like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and other big corporate networks. Because they know if Sanders wins, their money free ride will be over. :/

But all the odds right now are against him unless people can truly see how they have been had by the establishment. 😐

So far there are a good number of people that understand this and are fighting against these powers. But even, if he loses the primary elections, his mark will make a change on the future of this country and on elections to come. Probably Sanders will inspire a grassroots movement with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and fight the corruption and money that had taken the political process of this country hostage. 😈

I just worry about what a president Trump or even Clinton will do to this country future. o_O

Pepsi and SeaMonkey

Can anyone see the similarities between SeaMonkey and the Pepsi latest logo, or it is just me? ❗

After months of submissions and selection processes, the SeaMonkey Council announced a new logo for its project and application. The project’s initial call for logo submissions was answered with no fewer than 197 different proposals submitted by Mozilla and SeaMonkey community members. From those 197 logos, amongst which were many good options, the Council selected the new logo after many discussions and a long decision process.

The SeaMonkey Council


The Pepsi logo was revamped by New York-based Arnell Group for $1 million, much to the criticism of both the press and the consumers. The new design featured a “smile”, with a less formal rounded lowercase typeface.

Famous Logos

Every time I see Pepsi in the stores, or a truck in the road with the logo, SeaMonkey is the first thing that comes to my mind. O_o

Anyway, I prefer Coke over Pepsi any day! 😛 😉


December 21 2012 – The End Of The World?

Mayan Calendar

Did anyone prepare for the end of the world today?! 👿

There are many predictions for the end of the world floating around for this day:

The end of the Mayan calendar could be the end of times as we know it! 😉

Nostradamus predicted some thing, I guess about this date. 🙄

Another one is the collision of Earth with a planet named Nibiru. 😆

This video summarize everything with one of the best quotes by Carl Sagan.

Originally posted by Carl Sagan:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

I’ll definitely believe in that! 😎


Facebook To Buy Opera Software? WTF!!

From FavBrowser.com

Originally posted by Vygantas from favbrowser.com:

Well, here is something to get you going. According to the latest rumor from TNW, Opera Software is looking for a potential buyer, ranging from Yandex, Google (we don’t see the deal being approved by the EU) and most importantly, Facebook.

If these news are true, that would explain why Opera is dropping Unite, Widgets, Voice, IRC, BitTorrent, etc… Unite wouldn’t go well with Facebook.

Could this be something Jon S. von Tetzchner saw coming?? 😕

I just hope these news aren’t true. 😥 😡

The forums are starting to explode with comments.

What a horrible start to the Memorial Day weekend. 😦

I will keep updating this blog entry as more news arrive.