WordPress Spam


Last weekend I was bombarded by comment spam on this blog. 😮 It seems that the Akismet spam filter got caught off guard with a new style of flood spam spreading for the past few weeks. 😯

The WordPress forum has people talking about the latest comment spam going around.

Luckily I was able to block those IP addresses and it’s been working so far, with 466 spam already been blocked and reported. 😎

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope no one else is going through this. 😦

Smile: Our New Emoticons Have Arrived!

Fantastic! :mrgreen:

It’s not as great as the ones My Opera had, but it is an improvement. 😎

Hopefully they will add more and new expressive ones as time goes by! 😀

WordPress.com News

Fan of smileys? 🙂 We are. That’s why we just redesigned them to be cleaner, simpler, bigger, more expressive, and modern.

😉 😀

These new smileys are actually vector graphics, so they’ll stay crisp if you zoom in on your page. They’ll also stay sharp on high-resolution mobile displays.

😎 ⭐

To find out how to use an emoticon appearing in this post, just hover over it and you’ll see which characters produce it. We’re working on expanding our collection, so stay tuned for more smiley fun.

XD >:D 😦 😥 😐 :/ 😮 😛 😡 O_o ^^’

If you’re not a fan of smileys, that’s okay! You can always turn them off and on in your dasbhoard under Settings  Writing. We hope you’ll have fun with these. Smile!

Bonus: We also created a few secret emoticons for you to discover. Good luck finding them! 😉

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My Opera Presents: Vivaldi

Great news for those that still looking for a place to go after My Opera closes. Jon von Tetzchner is inviting us to join a social media web site by the name of Vivaldi.net. 😎


I immediately made an account to poke around and see how it works, and I thought it looked pretty good!  You can’t customize your blog like you could in My Opera or do in WordPress, but I think it’s good enough to keep the community going. 😀

I’m already hooked and happy with WordPress for blog, but I will use the rest of the features they offer. :mrgreen:

I think it was really nice that Jon didn’t forget about us ex-My Opera and Opera users. 😎

Now, where I can download the Vivaldi browser? ❗ 😉 😆

The End

Main blog URL: https://d4rk9.wordpress.com

Opera-DeathAfter many years of using Opera and My Opera, seeing it succumb to the corporate pressures was very sad. Opera was the best browser and had a great community. 😦

Now I’m starting the new year with a new browser SeaMonkey, and a new blog host WordPress, and hopefully I can find a new community with them.

Now that I’m done with Opera and My Opera, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop lurking and posting in the forum and other blogs. Plus I’ll add new entries to the old blog linking to my new. 🙂

The cool thing about WordPress is that you can also post using different accounts like your Google, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, anonymous posting is allowed too! 😎

Welcome here! 😉